Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Alma-Ata high mountain cosmic ray neutron monitor (cosmic ray station Alma-Ata B) is situated 28 km from Almaty city at the mountain (3340 m above sea level).

The mountain cosmic ray (CR) station of the Ionosphere Institute of Kazakhstan Republic (CR station Alma-Ata B, 43.1 N latitude, 76.6 E longitude, geomagnetic rigidity cutoff 6.69 GV) is a center for an experimental study of the non-stationary processes caused by cosmic rays of different origin in the interplanetary and near-Earth space, so as their influence on the state of the near-Earth space, so as their influence on the state of the Earth's magnetosphere and the upper atmosphere layers. Cosmic ray measurements by means of standard super neutron monitor 18NM64 started in 1973. Present neutron supermonitor consists of the 18 SNM15 type neutron counters, which are divided between three standard 6-counter units. The sum rate of the monitor count is ~ (4.5-5.0)x10000000 pulse per hour (depending on the solar activity phase).

The combination of its geomagnetic cut-off rigidity and high statistic is such that permits to detect and investigate solar flare particles (Ground Level Enhancements) and modulation effects of galactic cosmic rays (Forbush effects). Real time 1-minute and 1-hour data are available from the website dead link and dead link.

The operation of the neutron monitor is supported by the Institute of Ionosphere, Kazakhstan.


DetectorStandard 18-NM64 neutron monitor (3 units of 6 counters)
Geographic latitude43.14° N
Geographic longitude76.60° E
Altitude3340m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity6.69 GV
In continuous operation since:1973

Detailed station information:


Dr. Olga Kryakunova (Principal Investigator)
Institute of Ionosphere
Almaty, 050020, Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 727 3803054