Almaty NM, Kazakhstan

AATA neutron monitor of the Laboratory of Cosmic Ray Variations (LCRV) is located on the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Al-Farabi KazNU) campus at the altitude of 897 m above sea level in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The cosmic ray station of Al-Farabi KazNU (43.13 N latitude, 76.55 E longitude, geomagnetic cutoff rigidity of 5.9 GV) is a center for reserch of the modulation of quasi-periodic and aperiodic variations of cosmic rays in the heliosphere, the magnetosphere and the atmosphere of Earth. History of the LCRV began in 1957 when the IGY-57 neutron monitor has started to operate. The 6NM-64 neutron monitor has been operating in the LCRV since 1980s. Present neutron supermonitor consists of 6 SNM-15 neutron counters. A combination of the geomagnetic cut-off rigidity and high statistics of AATA neutron monitor allows to detect and to investigate solar flare particles (Ground Level Enhancements) and modulation effects of galactic cosmic rays (Forbush effects). Real time 1-minute and 1-hour data are available on the website NM64 Monitor - Al Farabi KazNU.

The operation of AATA neutron monitor is supported by Al Farabi KazNU.

Responsible person: Nurzhan Saduyev (

Almaty NM


DetectorStandard 6-NM64 neutron monitor
(1 unit of 6 counters)
Geographic latitude43.13° N
Geographic longitude76.55° E
Altitude897 m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity5.9 GV
In continuous operation since:2018

Detailed station information: